UNWANTED NYC PETS - Rescue Success 3
UNWANTED NYC PETS - animal rescuers / be part of the rescue ... save a life

Shorty (10 years old)

Shorty was rescued from Animal Care and Control in Bklyn, NY in June 2011
It didn't take long for this love muffin to find a forever home in Queens!
Go Shorty!!!


Found stray in S.I.
Adopted into loving home!

Waltzing Matilda (10 years old)

Rescued ACC Brooklyn
July 2011

Adopted into loving home by board member Wendy Weiss.

Big Bob (1 year old)

ACC Brooklyn
euth list July 2011

adopted into loving home!

Mr. Bob (6 years           old)

Rescued from ACC Brooklyn 

adopted into loving home, living the good life on the Jersey Shore!

Thelma and Louise

Feral kittens trapped in Queens.....and placed into wonderful, loving home in Battery Park City!


Perhaps the most wonderful Pit mix a person could ask for.  Adopted into loving home in Long Island!  
We will miss you Bruce!!!  You truly are man's best friend.

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