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Who We Are

Betina Wassermann / founder and president

Betina is born and bred in NYC.  Her love for animals is part of her DNA.  Her mother Valerie never passed a stray she did not bring home, and thus began the family tradition.  
Betina is the creator of the "loki chihuahua" pendant that actor Mickey Rourke wore to the 2009 Academy Awards. Betina currently works full time as an animal caretaker and dog trainer and spends countless hours of her "off-time" in her efforts to rescue stray animals and animals from new york city's high kill shelters.
Betina is a certified dog trainer and graduate of Animal Behavior College.

Kristin Livan / vice president
Kristin Livan has been a dog lover since she was a little girl, in fact she wanted to be around dogs so much, she persued a career in professional grooming and openend her own shop in Brooklyn, NY. (Tiny Tails).  Although Kristin works 12 hour days, she continues to work tirelessly in her rescue efforts never even stopping to catch her breath.  There is no one more dedicated to the cause than Kristin.  Like Lennon and McCartney, Kristin and Betina met and made one hell of a duo.  Having met on facebook after Kristin rescued a horribly neglected dog from Animal Care and Control, Kristin was welcomed with open arms and hearts into the "small but mighty" Unwanted team shortly after its inception. Kristin is the backbone of the organization, and comes to us with a vast knowledge of canine training and behavior, having graduated as a certified trainer from the accredited Animal Behavior College.

Gail Joseph / secretary  
Animal lover since I first drew breath.  Privileged to have owned four dogs, three horses, two cats, two mice and a partridge in a pear tree.  Dedicated to being part of the rescue and saving lives, one animal at a time.

Conner Tribble / treasurer

Conner Tribble is an avid animal lover, musician, song writer and reverend.  He currently works at the legendary Cafe Wha in Greenwich Village, NY as an entertainer.
His spare time is spent caring for the numerous rescues that he and Betina have brought into their home.

Wendy Weiss / board member

Wendy Weiss loves to name her pets after Rockers! After helping to trap, spay and neuter the feral cats in her yard, she appropriately named them, Earth, Wind and Fire!  Her little budgie bird, Jim Morrison, was born with a crippled foot.  His bold personality packed into a four inch frame of blue feathers illuminated to Wendy the uniqueness and spirit of all living creatures. 
Wendy teaches high school English in Bayside, Queens where her student population is amongst the most ethnically diverse in the world.  She is a big proponent of treating farm animals with the respect and dignity they so deserve. Wendy is also a native New Yorker.

Carole Zollo / board member
Carole lives with her two adopted sons, and 3 rescues in NYC, she dedicates all of her free time to fostering and caring for our rescues.

Dana Rizzo/ board member
Lori Valenti/ board member
Nick Foden/ board member
Victoria Brooks/ board member
Ellen Montana/ board member

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