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We could go on forever about this little girl. The first week of 2013 the Unwanted team saw a

video from ACC that broke

their hearts. They saw a very sick but incredibly loving girl named Sweetness who appeared to be a "throw away mom"...


Khloe was one of the thousands of Pit Bulls surrendered to ACC.

Her family simply “no longer wanted her” and there she was, discarded like an old shoe. Khloe was on the super urgent list and destined for death's door.


He was not a family member, but a junkyard dog. Rocky was in a small yard that was covered with old car

parts and no water or food insight. 



Happy endings are what we live for.

Our goal is to take every unwanted animal we come across and give them the happily ever after they deserve. Rescue is not easy work. Taking an animal from death row is the very beginning of a long journey. 

The process can take months, even years, but once they find their forever family and know what is to be loved just the way

they are, it's all worth it.



MJ was severly abused

and left to die, alone, on the side of the road in a small Georgia town. He was spotted by a passerby named Garret Prince who would become his angel. 


Graphic Content 


It was a cold, blistering night around Christmas when an incredibly

matted, malnourished 

and neglected 16 year

old dog was heartlessly surrendered to ACC.

He was so frail and neglected, that even

the staff at ACC

were in shock.



Snowball was surrendered by his family at 7 years old due to sudden unforeseen "allergies". This poor little thing was terrifed and yearning to go back home. He was confused and not aware of what he had done "wrong". 

Can you believe this friendly, loving and docile black beauty was scheduled to be killed on November 30th? Even though he was given a beginner rating by ACC, which is the best assessment an animal can get?


Bottle babies are very difficult for shelters to place because not many rescue groups have the experience or the time needed to bottle feed. Sadly, 75% of bottle babies that end up at the shelter are put down.



Jack Sparrow's story is the reason we are in rescue. His is a story of strength, the will to live, the power of love and fate. Jack was found in Staten Island under a woman named Carol's car. 


As I sat at my computer, once again checking

the dreaded "to be destroyed" list on Facebook, a beautiful

Pit Bull named "Sheila" caught my eye. 

Little did Sheila know

she was scheduled to

be euthanized the very

next morning.

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