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Training is not a last resort when something goes wrong but equips you and your dog with the tools to prevent something from happening. And remember, always keep it positive.

In NYC you can't do better than Helen Del Bove & Smarty Paws!

Our Founder, Betina Wassermann, is also

a trainer so if you find yourself in GA she's a must!


A healthy pet is a happy pet. Proper healthcare is the most basic of pet care needs. The below groups are truly incredible!

BVC is our go-to for general care of both our rescues and our own pets. They are an amazing group that treat every animal like family.

VERG has become an essential part of the Unwanted's arsenal. With most of our rescues needing intense care their team always goes above and beyond.


We all know how great a day at the spa can be and the same goes for your pup but grooming isn't just for the spoiled, it's essential for their well being. Matting, untrimmed nails, even just being dirty can cause extreme discomfort.

We can't say enough good things about Tiny Tails! The staff is loving and gentle, the cage-free design is marvelous and they even have day care!


Your pups face when you come home with a bag that smells like a pet store is priceless, even better, their reaction to a new toy! Our pets are our babies and we want to make sure they only get the very best!

For the best quality food, treats and hand-made goodies, The Wholesome Pet is the place to go!

For the pampered pet and fashionista TOKIE BKYLN can't be beat!

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