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This is my dog Faye Dunaway and here is her story.


As I sat at my computer, once again checking the dreaded "to be destroyed" list on Facebook, a beautiful Pit Bull named "Sheila" caught my eye. Her frightened eyes staring back at me with the promise to 'love you forever' if you would only take her out of this strange and scary place. She knew this was not a good place as she sat on a cold cement floor listening to the fearful cries of fellow dogs around her. Little did she know that her instincts were right, she was scheduled to be euthanized the very next morning.


The staff comments about Sheila were perfect. Here was the picture of a beautiful one year old girl, with stellar comments from any volunteer that knew her, and yet she was still scheduled to be destroyed. My husband and I already had a full family of three dogs and two cats, but sitting back and letting her die was not an option. With the help of my neighbor, we decided to rush to Animal Care and Control the next morning and rescue this beautiful girl. Jumping in the car and praying that we would make it there in time.


I went to pick "Sheila" up with the intention of fostering her. However, I discovered very quickly that everything the volunteers at ACC said about her were true. Her love and devotion to our little family was beyond what we expected. This sweet, gentle, smart and loving Pit Bull showed us all what love is truly all about. She is now named "Faye Dunaway" for her beautiful face and stunning features. She is now my dog.


When I decided to become a certified dog trainer she was the dog that helped me through. Her intelligence, gentle spirit and love of everyone made Faye the best "demo" dog any trainer could hope for. Faye is my girl. I love her more than life itself. She not only rescued me, but she put me on a path to a new life, a trainers life, and I could not be more proud. The last photo on the right was taken by my neighbor Sharon the moment we walked Faye out the door of ACC that fateful morning.

-Betina Wassermann, Founder & President

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