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Bottle babies are very difficult for shelters to place because not many rescue groups have the experience or the time needed to bottle feed. Sadly, 75% of bottle babies that end up at the shelter are put down. UNWATED NYC PETS is listed as one of the few foster rescues for these delicate infants.


Late one night I got a phone call at work saying there was a single bottle baby at the shelter who was going to be put down immediately if I didn’t agree to take him. Obviously, I would never let that happen. He was brought to my shop and we started bottle feeding him. He would cry so loudly and for such a long time, we thought his mouth was stuck open. We didn’t think he was going to make it but it didn’t stop us from trying everything in our power to save him.


Dana jumped at the opportunity to start the process of raising him and as the weeks went by, Aunt Linda agreed to take over. This kitten, now named Jake, started becoming a part of the Tiny Tails family. He came to work with Aunt Linda everyday as he grew up. Before long, he went up for adoption and an adopter was approved.


The night before he was scheduled to go home, my cousin called crying (with my uncle just as upset in the background). They were sick over the thought of Jake not being theirs. My hands were tied as his adopter already prepared for him. Last minute, I wrote an email to his adopter explaining the story and leaving the outcome in her hands. Graciously, his adopter said she couldn’t take him away from what clearly was his home. I left it until the very last minute to surprise my aunt with the letter his adopter wrote me. Towards the end of the letter, realizing what was happening, she burst out into tears.

-Kristin Livan, Vice President

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