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Can you believe this friendly, loving and docile black beauty was scheduled to be killed on November 30th? Even though he was given a beginner rating by ACC which is the best assessment an animal can get? However, due to over-crowding, this amazing boy was facing certain death.


Poor Anakin.You see, there are no words to describe a cat like Anakin. After what he's been though at ACC, we would have expected him to need some time to decompress and adjust after his nerve-racking experience at the kill shelter, but no, he is unreal.


Anakin spent his first days with us surrounded by numerous dogs who came up to lick him, sniff him and Anakin, without fail, just rubbed up on them or rolled over in pure joy. We started to believe he was a Buddhist in his past life; he loved everything and everybody. A unique, one of a kind cat like Anakin needed a home that would cherish and reflect his kind spirit.


It was only a matter of time that Anakin would get adopted. I mean, look at these pictures, how could you say no to that face? Anakin is now living the life he so deserves, surrounded by a loving family and tons of cool Star Wars toys to play with.









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