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It was Christmas time when 16 year old Cliffy was surrendered by his family to Animal Care and Control. He was so incredibly matted, malnourished and neglected, even the staff at ACC were in shock. 


I called Kristin and asked her if she could please save Cliffy. As always, she did not blink an eye or hesitate for one second. I told Kristin that I would adopt Cliffy regardless of his condition

or age.


Then something wonderful happened, a young girl named Nora was also following Cliffy's thread on FaceBook. Kristin was about to drive Cliffy all the way from NYC to Georgia (where I currently reside) when we received this email. Her enthusiasm to adopt was so strong that she wrote: "I respectfully request that you consider our application to adopt Cliffy. We recognize that there will be financial obligations associated with adopting an older dog, not to mention emotional, and we are prepared to embrace them. We would love to welcome Cliffy as part of our family" -Nora 


We were so incredibly touched by the kindness of this family we got in touch with them immediately. They did not mind that Cliffy was 16, they did not mind that he may not be with them for much longer, they were selfless in their plea to adopt him. My mother always told me that we sometimes have to do things that are difficult, and may not necessarily have a happy ending, in Cliffy's case we had to at least try. Cliffy is now happy, healthy, strong and loved thanks to Nora and her incredible family. He even has his very own Facebook page! After 16 years of neglect Cliffy is finally living the life he so richly deserved. Live long and prosper little Cliffy, the world is yours now!

-Betina Wassermann, Founder & President


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