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Khloe was one of the 1000’s of Pit Bulls surrendered to ACC. Her family simply “no longer wanted her” and there she was at ACC, discarded like an old shoe. Rescue is really a long shot for these poor Pits, as there are a plethora of unwanted, abused, neglected and discarded dogs in the shelter system. Khloe was on the super urgent list and destined for euthanasia.


Team UNWANTED NYC PETS could not help but notice Khloe; this young, beautiful, black and white, Pit Bull with blue toenails. Her previous "owners" had cared and loved for her at one time and their children even liked to paint her nails! How they could discard her to a high kill shelter is beyond understanding, beyond reason, beyond cruel. Only one year in this world and Khloe was handed a death sentence.


A walk down the block would ALWAYS end with the children in the neighborhood running to pet and play with her. She was always gentle and welcomed all of the attention. Cars actually stopped and Pit Bull fans would get out just to say hello to Khloe. UNWANTED NYC PETS was so eager to find Khloe a home where someone understood the breed, a home where someone was willing to take the time to spend with a dog that had been ripped out of the only home it knew and left to die, a home where there would be lots of love.


Hilda Salazar Ortiz was looking for a dog to complete her family. She had heard about UNWANTED NYC PETS from a friend and Khloe caught her eye. On a warm spring evening, prior to going to a concert at the Nikon in Jones Beach, Hilda stopped by with her daughter and a friend to meet Khloe. It was love at first sight; Hilda knew that Khloe was meant to be a part of her family.


Today Khloe is loved by Hilda, her husband and their three children. Hilda states, “I am so happy that I chose to rescue you. My heart is so content because I know you feel the love too. You are so smart and this pic of you hugging me is what is etched in my heart and soul, forever. You are the best snuggle bug! Love you!”

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