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MJ was left to slowly die, alone and abused on the side of the road in a small Georgia town. He was spotted in a brand new towel (the $1.99 price tag still left intact), by a wonderful man named Garret Prince.


A Prince indeed, Garret did the right thing, and did not look away.

He got out of his car to find this poor, helpless creature covered in mange, animal bites, blood and abrasions. A sadder sight we have rarely seen. We had heard that the first vet MJ had seen after

being rescued thought the humane thing to do was to put him out

of his misery. Well, the loving team at Helping Paws Rescue in Athens GA, got together and decided that there was something

in MJ's eyes that told them he could pull through.


UNWANTED NYC PETS teamed up with Helping Paws

Rescue in a group effort to save this precious life. Donations

were collected for his medical expenses, toys, towels, treats and food came pouring in for our little warrior. Volunteers came to visit him daily. MJ started to recover! With the medical attention, love

and care he was given, MJ turned over a new leaf. He got better

and stronger every single day... until one day it was time for him

to say goodbye and head off to a brand new start in his new

forever home.


MJ's courage, strength and trust for humans after all he had been through is a lesson for us all. A wonderful couple who donated to

his care and visited him almost daily decided he was meant to be with them and so he is. MJ's story is nothing short of miraculous 

and just proves that when people come together with love in their hearts, all things are possible. We love you sweet boy. We will remember your courage and it will inspire us always.

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