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We could go on forever about this little girl. The first week of 2013 the Unwanted team saw a video from ACC that broke their hearts. They saw a very sick but incredibly loving girl named Sweetness who appeared to be a "throw away mom". She had been found wondering the streets of the South Bronx, dehydrated and suffering from pneumonia. She was immediately saved and taken to get medical attention.


Then something amazing happened. Exactly one month after she was due to be euthanized, still recovering and in foster care, a puppy appeared. And then another and another. She hadn't been a "throw away mom" at all. She was pregnant! She was rushed back to the hospital and gave birth to 8 puppies in all! She had been so sickly and thin that not even her amazing vets could imagine there were 8 happy, healthy puppies waiting to be born. Nor could anyone predict the outpour of support, love and help that came to her side.


The pups grew and quickly found families to join. Sweetness was not as lucky. She was having trouble finding the perfect fit in a forever home. In July of 2013 she was in a new foster home with a new family. Her foster parents were blown away at how much she had changed. She acted more like one of her pups than the devoted mother they had first met. It didn't take long for her big brown eyes to steal their hearts. After three months a wonderful home wanted to adopt her. Her foster parents were torn. They loved her with everything they had but knew their role was to love her and let her go. They couldn't be selfish and deny her the best life possible. With tearful eyes, they let her go. Much to everyone's surprise, the new home was, again, just not the right fit. Her foster parents took it as a sign and officially adopted her.


Sweetness finally has the "happily ever after" she has always deserved. Her days are filled with kisses and cuddles. She lives in Brooklyn with her fellow Unwanted rescue brother, Benji, her rescue reptile brother and sister and a family that couldn't love her more.

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