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Tragically, millions of animals end up in shleters each year due to :


Economic Problem

Small Behavior Problem


Unregistered Pet

Unfortunately, approximately 4-6 million of these perfectly wonderful homeless pets are killed each year in America's shelters. An estimated 80% of the animals that enter shelters are adoptable, or could be with the right care and treatment. We believe it's a tough fight, but we can make this senseless killing a thing of the past. 

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The majority of animals that are rescued by us from death row are in need of extra care for mostly manageble and curable conditions. With a little love and care they bounce back to their natural happy self. 


Each year, our foster parents save numerous lives from kill shelters. The foster program is designed to remove the animal from ultimate death and allow more time to get adopted into a permanent loving home.


One of the vital parts of nurturing a shelter pet back to health is proper nutrition. We need to provide a healthy diet to revitalize the animal's

mental and physical



Training is not an option, it is

an obligation. It is not something to be done only once they start causing problems, it is how to prevent problems from starting. Teach them how to be good dogs.



UNWANTED NYC PETS is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to saving as many lives as possible from kill shelters across the US. We feel that every animal has the potential for a forever home . Once we rescue an animal, we often discover that they have special needs. Some have medical conditions that require extra care and rehabilitation some need help with behavior challenges, others are recovering from abusive situations. The love and individual care provided by UNWANTED NYC PETS enables our animals to eventually be placed in the best forever homes for both animal and owner.  If your current situation does not allow for a financial donation but you would like to help support our animals we welcome blankets, pillows, toys, bowls, treats, beds, leashes, crates, food, (dog & puppy!) and/or any other dog/puppy related item you can think of to help keep our rescues stay comfortable & happy!!! To donate any of the items listed above, please email us at 


All our donations and adoption fees are applied toward caring for the animals medical bills and foster expenses. If you would like to send a financial donation directly please click the donate button below.  All donations are tax deductible.


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